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POM-C bearings without inner rubber

These bearings have been manufactured according to the ISO 9001 and other technical standards requirements to guarantee dimensional precision and material stability. They do not have any inner surface in rubber, as the inner and the outer surface are made of the same material. Such a bearing has several advantages: extreme dimensional stability and resistance, very low friction rate and excellent heat absorption which keep the shaft-bearing system very cool. Vibrations at low speed are better absorbed too.

To sum up the advantages of choosing these bearings are:

  • very low friction rate, which makes these bearings fit for a dry start;
  • complete material safety, as the POM C material can be used even in contact with drinkable water or food;
  • more precise tolerance, which is not affected by hygroscopicity and withdrawal;
  • advantages due to the inner spiral shape;
  • very easy replacement, as the POM C material is softer than metal (iron, steel, brass or bronze).

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