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Chromium plated bushes
Chromium plated bushes

These bushes are manufactured in brass (OT58), stainless steel, iron, with chromium thickness usually from 0,06 to 0,20 mm. They let the shafts work for a longer time and better conditions: that means less replacement of the shafts and other parts and a longer working life. Once again, Caravel’s experience is proven by the fact that these bushings have a really negligible eccentricity which is irrelevant when they work. Ready in different dimensions, their tolerance is perfectly coupled with the tolerance of the bearings.

Real protection for the pump shaft

Our chromium-plated bushes can really preserve the pump shaft and the bearing from the usual consumption caused by its normal activity. The bushes help the bearings to work in ideal conditions in terms of vibrations dampening. Caravel does not keep this kind of product in stock, differently to what we do with metal and rubber bearings. Chromium-plated bushes can be supplied in few days and manufactured with tolerances and dimensions specified by our clients. The shell can be manufactured in brass (type OT58) or stainless steel, carbon steel, nitronic, monel. We rely on certified suppliers, who can provide first choice materials with related certificates (made up of chemical and mechanical analysis). Here below you can download a pdf file with a list of types of chromium-plated bushes manufactured to date. We would like to point out that we can manufacture every type of bush according to required dimensions and tolerances even if not included into the list. Caravel can also manufacture bearings in rubber with no metal shell, flanged and machined, with holes for fixing screws. This type of rubber bearing is used by submerged pump builders and sailboat builders. Here below you can download the pdf file with the list of rubber bearing we manufactured to date.

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