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The Caravel puller-fitter is a manual hydraulic machine which works thanks to a simple manual pump. It does not require any dangerous operation such as the removal of the shaft. It is a fast and safe solution not to waste time and save money.

Effective protection for the pump shaft

Thanks to this innovative system, when you have to replace an old bearing, you can avoid the shaft removal: the bearing can be pushed out and a new bearing placed in a few minutes.
An operation which sometimes takes days, is now completed in a fraction of the time without damage to the housing or the shaft. Simple and practical to handle, no bearing can resist its powerful thrust. Since May 2009 the new kits to push out and replace water lubricated bearings are ready in stock.

Puller - fitter for bearings

Technical application

The equipment is designed to work with 2 basic size kits with a range of outer shell diameters until 100 mm.
The available machines are:

  • T8 – for bearings with outer diameter not greater than 58 mm (shaft diameter about 42 mm)
  • T13 – for bearings with outer diameter between 58 mm and 100 mm (shaft diameter about 45-80 mm)
  • T40 – for bearings with outer diameter between 100 mm and 160 mm (shaft diameter about 80-130 mm)

The above metric sizes are fully interchangeable with imperial sizes.

Optional size kits

There is a correspondence between the kit and the type of bearing, as guides, rings and half-rings are manufactured to work with a related shell and rubber thickness.

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