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Caravel’s experience in the sector of water-lubricated bearings is undisputed particularly in the segment of these special products.
We can manufacture bearings in different materials (brass, bronze, iron, stainless steel, aluminium) for any type of shaft, from 20 to500 millimeters. Our special bearings are designed and manufactured with certified materials by qualified manpower using tested tools.
The final users of this range of products are mainly submerged pump and turbine builders, energy suppliers, megayacht builders; in a word, very demanding clients who can’t afford any delay or mistake while running their own activity. Our experience allows us to perform complex operations such as the relining of big old shells: we remove the worn out inner rubber and replace it, preserving the expensive shell, which is reusable in many cases.

Long lasting bearings

The duration of Caravel rubber bearings depends on the environmental conditions in which they work, the degree of abrasion and the temperature of the liquid, as well as the speed of the shaft. In case of lubrication and cooling with perfectly clean water, the duration of the rubber bearing is four times longer than that of a bearing in hard metal; it must be then pointed out that if the lubricating liquid contains high quantities of abrasive, its duration will be fifteen-eighteen times longer. Since in most cases it is not possible to rely on perfectly clean and pure water (unless to use expensive antipollution systems), it is evident how convenient such a product can be.

Customized water lubricated bearings for industrial applications

Low friction rate

Caravel rubber bearings have an extremely low friction rate. While the shaft is rotating, a water film prevents friction damages. That means that the rubber bearing’s friction in ideal environmental conditions (i.e. bearing submerged into the water) is not higher than that of a good ball-bearing.

High speed and radial load

Caravel rubber bearings are designed and manufactured to stand peripheral speeds of the shaft up to 10 meters per second.
Bearings with internal polygonal figures can bear a maximum radial load of 3,5 kg/cm².
Bearings with internal round shape can bear a maximum radial load is 5 kg/cm²

PV 68K rubber

Nitrilic, anti-oil, this type of rubber prevents the corrosion and the wear caused by grease and oil residuals. It has an average hardness of 68° Shore and is ideal to work in water polluted with common acids. The rubber PV 68K needs only water to cool and lubricate the shaft. It is the ideal type of rubber to work with marine water.

CAR 71K rubber

Anti-abrasive, this rubber is recommended with sandy water (irrigation pumps). With an average Shore hardness of 68°, CAR 71K rubber, can resist very well to consumption and helps the expulsion of solid bodies such as small sand grains and pebbles, more efficiently than other types of rubber. The cooling liquid itself turns into the vector to throw out impurities.

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