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Caravel: more than 60 years' experience An italian company open to new challenges

Caravel is up and running since 1953. Based in Pero, an important industrial area north of Milan, our company has always been commited to manufacturing a range of products according to absolute reliability, quality and excellent performance.
Over time Caravel has continually focused on new products and offered valid choices to its clients in the marine and the industrial sector.

We manufacture bearings in brass, bronze, stainless steel, pvc, aluminium for shaftswhose dimensions can vary from 20 to 600 milimiters. We have a range of bearings ready in stock, in millimeter and in inches.Demanding shipyards, pumps and turbine buliders and energy power plants managers rely on us when important projects are at stake.
We got the ISO 9001 certification in 1996.

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  • Water lubricated metal and rubber bearings

    Caravel rubber bearings can easily replace the bearings in hard metal, such as ball bearings or wooden bearings, when water is available for a normal lubrication action.

  • POM-C bearings without inner rubber

    Polyacetal bearings are one of the most innovative product developed by Caravel over the last years. The product is based on the POM-C material, with outstanding mechanical properties.

  • Customized water lubricated bearings

    A wide range of bearings for submerged pumps, turbines, hydroelectric and nuclear plants, dams, dredges for shaft from 20 to 500 mm.

  • Chromium plated bushes

    Chromium-plated bushes are designed to preserve the shaft and the bearing from sand, pebbles and, in general, pollution.

  • Puller - fitter for bearings

    A concrete solution to pull out a bearing from its housing and from the shaft and to push a new one in the same position.

  • Lubrobearing

    Lubrobearing is a lubricant produced by Caravel in cooperation with the National Research Council (CNR - CERISIE), thought to interact with the rubber we use to produce our bearings.

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